What is atheneaX?

  • atheneaX is campus, knowledge and audivisual communication.



    atheneaX consist in creation and managment of learning and interaction custom spaces where teachers, speakers and students can interact for a education process in a simultaneos and real time way.


    Audio, video, images and other aditional build in tools.


    Webinars, conferences and virtual presentations with multiples  conferencias y presentaciones virtuales de múltiples participants in real time.


    atheneaX help to information retention and eliminate the time and geographic distances that suppose non presential education and personal relationships. In atheneaX we want be quality references in knowledge scope and audivisual communication. Our sistems are design with a powerful own technology and based in principals of usability y functionality, with the objetive of users stay in atheneaX is worthwhile and satisfactory.

  • Benefits of atheneaX:


    1. Flexible and economical training. atheneaX offer flexibility because it non require of search and reserve the appropiate places to give a formation,  speech, seminar, etc., or the hiring of teachers and speakers, but one time course is offer, the students could sing up and receive from themselves want, always that they get a device with available internet connection. As well as formation and virtual relationships allow us reduce cost in an important amount.


    2. Ease access. Use could follow any course or event that is available with any device connected to internet.


    3. Eliminate the time and geographic distances. The fact or could follow a course in any time and place allow release the learning time and increase the retained information. Avoid movings provide a great convenience to the user at the same time as platform have a webinar service, allow interaction between teachers, speakers and students, increasing productivity between workgroups.


    4. Activities compatibility. atheneaX increase flexibility to carry out a course adapting to each user needs. This made compatible activities as work and free time in a simultaneos way.


    5. Update information. Any course content modification will be notify to student inmedately, it make that the student always gets update information.


    6. Easy platform use. The desing of atheneaX is focus in usability and functionality principles. The platform is designed to every user, with a minimal knowledge about tecnology, could have a satisfactory experience while remain in platform.

  • atheneaX working:


    atheneaX consists in creating and management of learning and interaction spaces in Internet, where teachers, speakers and students can interact for formation process and diferent talks.


    atheneaX allow create organizations for free. The only requirement to create an organization is hire a store package in platform.


    The organization manager could store information in platform with any aditional cost. This information will be always available for other atheneaX users throw virtual rooms. This rooms have a group of powerful aditional build in tools. This tools allow make webinars of múltiple speakers in real time, supported by slides with text, images or video.

  • atheneaX is a powerful and innovative platform specialised in campus, knowlegde and audiovisual communication. The atheneaX objective is make easier and accelerate the education access and interaction, as is the eduaction quality. For this it have a powerful and intuitive engine to manage in a efficient way the stored contents in atheneaX.


    atheneaX is specialised in audiovisual knowledge, providing best funcionality to platform. To better information retention it have a webinar service, conferences and virtual presentations, where is allowed interaction between teachers and students. As well as, courses could count with support of content in text format and streminglos to make flexible the course realization time.


    Forum and chats are available for users to share experiences, opinions and knowledges between atheneaX, users creating a virtual comunity for learning and interaction that make  atheneaX staying confortable and satisfactory.

  • Characterizes of atheneaX: 


      • Own quality tools. atheneaX is characterized by a powerful audiovisual knowledge. It put to user disponibility an own audio and video of hight quality. Platfrom is design without technical complexities and with aditional build in tools that add great usability.

      • Webinar service as multimedia solution. atheneaX offer telematic solutions  to broadcast  conferences, presentations, seminar, courses, talks, congress, … User could participate from webinar in real time helping to interaction between student, teacher and speakers and the ability to convene.

      • Content storage in text format. To give physical material to students, atheneaX allows save content in text format. This is use to give support as much in webinar as in streaming presentations. Throgh forum and course message systems could comunicate with teachers and other students.
  • There are 5 user types in atheneaX, everyone with a different level of privileges and access permission.



    1. Organization manager.

    The user highest level, these users haver access to control panel of organization managers. They can create, modify and remove courses, manage rooms or hire new storage or rooms. Manager also can accept or refuse users access to course and designate teachers for every course inside organization.


    2. Titular Teacher

     These users give a course. They manage contents and resources for the right working of the course. When contents are located in a course they could decide when show or hide to students.


    3. Assistant Teacher

    These teachers give support to titular teacher in course. They task is develop the specific themes of course that have asigned. Assistants and titular teacher share some privileges in course management.


    4. Student

    These are users that want assists to a determinate course to get a knowlegde and competences. The access to course contets is make through rooms. Every user have an own profile called, “Mi atheneaX”, where can access to personal data and edit in any time.


    An student could create an organization in any moment and pass to get manager privileges.



    5. Guess.


    A non loged user can access to public information in platform. Any user can register for free in platform for get access to student level.



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